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Exagris Worldwide Map
  • London (HQ)
  • Guatemala (Horticulture)
  • Malawi (Mixed Farming)
  • Australia (Livestock)
  • Russia (Arable)

About Exagris

Exagris Limited is the UK holding company for a group of worldwide farming operations.  Started in 2008, the company has operations in Eastern Europe, Africa, Central America and Australia as well as the UK. The company's main focus is agri-business in developing countries with high growth potential.

Operations cover the full range of  farming enterprise from livestock, and rainfed cereal cropping to intensive greenhouse grown vegetables.

The company was founded by David and Sian Lilley and was later joined by Tim de Borde as a director.  The company has over 500 full time employees worldwide and employs over 3000 on a part time basis, principally in Africa.

Latest News

Jan 20, 2015

Exagris Africa believes in looking after the whole person and caring for the wellbeing of the people living in the communities surrounding our farms that’s why it partners with DIPD to help with the people that have various degrees of disabilities.

Oct 3, 2014

This is one of our new projects, It is an Africa Enterprise Challenge Fund (AECF) Project. The project is to increase acceptance of Malawi groundnuts on the export market by improving aflatoxin management along the value chain.

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